sona001 - dark disco by thedonstone

SONA001 - Dark Disco, Acid Techno


SONA001 Tracklisting

1. Berny – Zoinger (Original Mix)
2. Barlyn Vlys – Arrival (Original Mix)
3. Berny & Tulioxi – Far Away
4. Technicism & Chinosy – Discodelia (Original Mix)
5. BRDN – Disco Jedi
6. Local Suicide – Moustache
7. Mila Stern – Five Finger Discount(Öona Dahl Return Mix)
8. BRK – Funkadelic (Original Mix)
9. Dina Summer – All or Nothing
10. Bruce Wine – Olmeca Dream
11. HOVR – Do You Want Some Acid (Green Lake Project Remix)
12. Toma, Pietro – Back to the Base
13. Jason Peters – Strange to be Alive
14. Depeche Mode – It’s No Good (Kelly Reverb & Chad LeMans Remix)

In the dimly lit underground venues of New York, TheDonStone has been a stalwart figure in the electronic music scene for over three decades. A DJ, producer, and event organizer, his influence reverberates through the beats that have shaped the nights of countless enthusiasts. Now, based in the vibrant city of Siem Reap, Cambodia, TheDonStone continues his sonic exploration, curating a mix series that transcends boundaries and echoes the essence of his seasoned musical journey.

Introducing The SONA Mix Series

SONA, a name resonating with the echoes of legendary afterhours experiences, emerges as a testament to TheDonStone’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of dark disco and underground sounds. Episode 001 of this groundbreaking mix series offers a glimpse into a carefully cultivated selection of tracks, where modern dark disco converges with acid techno, hypnotic techno, new wave, post-punk, and gothic soundscapes, all seamlessly woven into a sonic tapestry that takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through time and space.

TheDonStone, now based in the cultural hub of Siem Reap, has spent the last four years cultivating an intimate yet energetic underground scene. Drawing from his rich experience in the heart of New York’s electronic music scene, he brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the burgeoning musical community in Cambodia. SONA becomes not just a mix series but a bridge between the pulsating beats of the past and the vibrant rhythms of the present, connecting two distinct worlds through the universal language of music.

SONA001 - A Journey Through Acid and Dark Disco

Each beat in SONA Episode 001 is carefully selected, reflecting TheDonStone’s eclectic taste and his commitment to creating a sonic experience that transcends geographical boundaries. The mix features tracks from iconic artists such as Depeche Mode, the emotive sounds of Jason Peters, the sultry beats of Dina Summer, and the edgy offerings of Local Suicide. This combination of established names and emerging talents ensures that SONA is not merely a nostalgic journey but a platform for discovering new and innovative sounds.

Why Sona?

As the mix series takes its name from TheDonStone’s early raving experiences at the legendary Sona Afterhours in Montreal, there’s a sense of nostalgia woven into the beats. However, SONA is not just a reflection of the past; it is an evolution of those late-night escapades, a reimagining of the euphoria that comes from losing oneself in the music. The series promises to deliver a wild and hypnotic journey through the underground sounds of today and the past, capturing the essence of both the familiar and the uncharted.

Beyond the music, SONA stands as a testament to TheDonStone’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive music community. His relocation to Siem Reap and the subsequent cultivation of an underground scene showcase his dedication to creating spaces where music becomes a unifying force. SONA is not just a mix series; it is an invitation to join a global community of music lovers who appreciate the transformative power of beats and rhythms.

In conclusion, SONA Episode 001 serves as an introduction to a series that promises to redefine the expectations of a DJ mix. TheDonStone’s extensive experience, coupled with his current endeavors in Cambodia, infuses SONA with a unique energy that transcends borders and brings people together through the universal language of music. As we embark on this sonic journey, SONA stands as a testament to the timeless allure of dark disco and the enduring passion of TheDonStone for pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Thanks for Listening

A heartfelt thank you to the incredible artists whose work has illuminated SONA Episode 001 – TheDonStone, Depeche Mode, Jason Peters, Dina Summer, Local Suicide, and more. Your sonic creations have woven together to create an unparalleled auditory experience.

For producers eager to have their music featured in upcoming SONA mixes, we invite you to reach out. Join us in shaping the future of underground sounds, as SONA continues its mission to explore the vast tapestry of electronic music. Contact us to be part of the next exhilarating chapter in the SONA series.

And to our dedicated listeners, dive deeper into TheDonStone’s world by exploring his extensive discography. Immerse yourself in a collection of beats that spans over 30 years, reflecting a rich tapestry of experience and musical evolution.


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