sona002 peak time techno

SONA002 - PeakTime/Driving Techno


SONA002 Tracklisting

  1. Elise Massoni – Tourmaline
  2. Mayfie – Dangerous Feeling
  3. Kmyle – Glass Eyes
  4. Domi Depulse- Don’t Go in There
  5. Ash Roy – Cutting Chai
  6. Ann Clue – No Name
  7. Amelie Lens – Man Over Machine
  8. Alex Lentini/Stomp Boxx – Altered Cycle
  9. Farrago – Flavours of Youth
  10. Maxx Rossi – Pulse Shaper
  11. Nuno Dos Santos & Remy
  12. Unger – Next to Nowhere
  13. Kai Van Dongen – Weekend Jam
  14. Orly Gal – Diablo Canyon
  15. Kamil Van Derson – Dark Universe
  16. Uncertain – Sabotage
  17. Mark Michael – Mirage
    Beneti – n.d.e. (Original Mix)

In the much-anticipated second installment of the SONA mix series, TheDonStone elevates the sonic journey to new heights, immersing listeners in a relentless fusion of peak time, driving, minimal, and dark techno. Breaking free from conventional constraints, this week's mix commands attention with its heart-pounding beats, clocking in at over 140 BPM. The energy is palpable, and the pulse-quickening cadence sets the stage for an auditory adventure that is as electrifying as it is immersive.

Techno for the Underground

Drenched in the spirit of Berlin’s warehouse techno and the clandestine allure of underground raves, the vibe of SONA Episode 2 is an invitation to the raw, unfiltered essence of the techno scene. TheDonStone, drawing upon his extensive experience as a DJ, producer, and event organizer, curates a selection that transcends boundaries, seamlessly weaving together tracks by acclaimed artists like Amelie Lens, Ann Clue, Mayfie, Uncertain, Beneti, and others. Each beat serves as a building block, constructing a sonic architecture that propels the listener into a realm where time stands still, and the dance floor becomes a conduit for collective euphoria.

A Journey Through My Peak Time Dance Floor

The relentless momentum of this mix mirrors the heartbeat of underground techno culture, making it an ideal companion for those who seek the pulsating rhythm of the Berlin warehouse scene. From the moment the first beat drops, SONA Episode 2 unfolds as a sonic odyssey that not only captivates the senses but also transcends the conventional boundaries of genre. The minimalist yet intricate layering of tracks creates a soundscape that speaks to the raw, unapologetic beauty of techno music.

Lose Yourself on the Dance Floor

As the beats resonate, SONA Episode 2 beckons the audience to surrender to the hypnotic allure of the underground. Whether you find yourself on a dimly lit dance floor or lost in the confines of your own space, the mix serves as a testament to the power of techno to unify and elevate. TheDonStone, with his decades-long journey in the realm of electronic music, has once again crafted an experience that goes beyond mere auditory stimulation—it’s a visceral exploration of the soul of techno.

With SONA Episode 2, TheDonStone invites you to delve into the beating heart of the underground. Let the relentless waves of high-energy techno carry you away, and join us in celebrating the unbridled spirit of electronic music that knows no bounds. As the journey continues, SONA stands as a testament to the enduring power of sound to transcend, connect, and redefine the very essence of the musical experience.

Thanks for Listening

Expressing gratitude to the exceptional artists whose sonic prowess has illuminated SONA Episode 2 – TheDonStone, Amelie Lens, Ann Clue, Mayfie, Uncertain, Beneti, and more. Your musical creations have seamlessly blended to craft an unparalleled auditory journey.

For producers aspiring to showcase their music in upcoming SONA mixes, we extend an invitation to connect. Be a part of shaping the future of underground sounds as SONA embarks on a continued exploration of the vast landscape of electronic music. Reach out to contribute to the next thrilling chapter in the SONA series.

To our devoted listeners, delve further into TheDonStone’s sonic universe by exploring his extensive discography. Immerse yourself in a collection of beats spanning over 30 years, a testament to a rich tapestry of experience and musical evolution. Your continued support fuels the passion behind SONA’s mission to redefine the essence of electronic music.


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