The Remix

thedonstone the remix

The Donstone - The REmix

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The Remix

Get ready to break free from the ordinary and groove to the unexpected with TheDonStone's latest sonic adventure, "The Remix." This seven-track journey is a celebration of musical diversity, where pop anthems and hip-hop hits get twisted and transformed into a vibrant tapestry of funk, baile funk, afro house, and beyond.

Imagine familiar pop vocals infused with the infectious rhythm of baile funk, hip-hop beats morphing into the pulsating basslines of afro house, and catchy melodies given a funky makeover that'll have you shaking your tail feathers faster than you can say "remix." TheDonStone is a master alchemist, effortlessly blending seemingly disparate genres into a cohesive and electrifying whole.


I’m TheDonStone. Let’s work together to create amazing music and events. Contact me if you’d like to collaborate or need a DJ in Cambodia.